Thank you

jho thanks


Thank you.

Thank you judges for giving up a huge chunk of your Saturday, especially Fish, Claire, and Kate who started earlier and stayed later than anyone else.

Thank you other volunteers for moving gear, sawing, drilling, sweeping, hauling, helping athletes find their way and generally contributing to making this day awesome.

Thank you athletes for putting it all on the table. I am overcome by gratitude as I think about the output I say today. Anyone who saw Josh Mear doing power cleans right up to the buzzer at his first competition ever knows what I am talking about. The torn hands, the scraped shins, and the tweaked shoulders. We pay a lot to play this sport and at the end of the day the thing that makes it worth it comes from all of you pouring in collectively. Singing along as athletes dug deep on the thruster ladder. Cheering for every single “hard” lift. Hard is relative right? Kelseys near miss on an 80# db thruster looked hard, but 50# looked hard for a lot of ladies.  All the monster men who up over 100# per hand on db thrusters was an inspiration. And who could have guessed that 77# cleans could get so shitty? Thank you so much for taking a whole day to hang out downtown, putting up with expensive parking and a too hot competition space. Thank you for trusting me, and my team to bring you a legit event. I hope we succeeded, and any place we failed thank you for grace.

Thank you sponsors and vendors. Assault Airbikes for the sick bikes. Thank you RPM Fitness for the custom jump ropes. Thank you Kinetic Sports Rehab for the tape and the soft tissue love. Thank you Anthony at Caveman Eats for the RIDICULOUS smoked turkey tacos.

I am so grateful that I got to be a part of what happened today.  Thank you for making Beast Fest incredible.