Grit for days

The Kill Cliff Cascade Classic brought together teams from all over the Northwest as well as across the country. I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone personally, but I met folks from California, Texas, Hawaii, Missouri, Minnesota, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. Canada was strongly represented as well. They even put a team on the podium. Looks like there is something to that Blonyx stuff. 

There were two teams composed entirely of teenage athletes. One was team Progenex with four monsters who competed in the team division at the CrossFit Games this summer. The other was a group of athletes who love CrossFit and decided to throw their hat in the ring. Some of the weights were too heavy. They had not mastered all of the movements yet. They showed up and they threw down, though. That is the part that makes me smile. I can always get behind a group of folks who are ready to put in work. On the team workout involving handstands, they were struggling. The men on the team took the full penalty. The ladies decided to grit their teeth and go for it. Five feet on a good set and none on a bad set. These ladies took turns grinding their way down the lane to rack up 100’. They had 60 seconds left with 25’ to go and then the team had 50 muscle-ups ahead of them. Their arms were wrecked and they were trailing by a mile, but they didn’t quit. In fact, they started doing shorter sets and taking shorter breaks and they finished the handstand walk with just seconds left on the clock. The men on the team jumped right into muscle-ups, only cranking out a few reps before the time cap. There was not a second during that workout when those athletes weren’t giving 100%. They gave everything they had and when they weren’t working, they were cheering on their teammates. It is one of my favorite things about competitions: the camaraderie and sheer will to move forward.