Please Resubmit Event 3a Scores

Hi Athletes!

The process for entering your score for workout 3a wasn't detailed enough initially and we apologize for that. After learning how many incorrect entries were submitted we had to clear all the scores. Please resubmit your 3a score paying careful attention to the directions below.

The following is a screenshot showing the entry for someone who rowed 1:42.1 :

The box where you enter your tenths of a second time is actually equipped to handle hundredths of a second. So, if you rowed 1:42.1, in the third box of the score you would enter 10 hundredths of a second. If you rowed a 1:53.4, you would enter 40 in the third box. Hopefully this will help clear the confusion.

Remember, scores for workouts 3 and 4 are both due by this Monday at 5pm PDT. Good Luck!

- The Cascade Classic Team