Notes on the Qualifier

All the information you need for participating in the Online Qualifier is under the qualifier tab on the website. Each Wednesday at 5pm, we will post the workout(s) for the week and they will be due by the following Monday at 5pm. You are allowed to submit more than one score. There is no need to withdraw a score. Just submit your best score using your email address. The leaderboard refreshes every 2-3 hours. At this point, we know there is a lot of gaming in an online format, so put your best foot forward every time you hit one of the workouts.

At the end of the qualifier, the top 10 men and women will be placed in the elite division. The next 30 places on the leaderboard will be placed in the Rx division.

It is not requisite to post video. We may request it in the event of a tie, disputed score, or suspicious score. If you are gunning for a top spot, it is recommended to record your efforts. In general, I have found athletes in our sport to be among the most sporting, but we may review video if needed.

Winners of each week's prizes will be announced on Wednesdays. After the close of the first week, the roster will be finalized and we will begin communicating via email as well to assist the six or seven of you who still don’t use social media.  

Thank you to everyone who threw their hat in the ring. It is going to be a great contest.