The number 1 reason to compete at the 2016 Cascade Classic

There has been a lot written about why you should compete at this competition or that competition. There is a lot of advice out there, but not a lot of science. I want to give you the number one reason you should be competing. And it is backed by science. There is a literal pile of data about it. It is in fact critical to human survival. Even if you are working out on a regular basis, you are still missing one of the most critical elements, and it can only be gained through a competitive event. Or possibly public speaking. The life-saving and nearly magical gift I am talking about is the nervous poo.

Anyone who has done a competition of any sort can attest to this fact. I don’t care if your first workout is at 6am or 2:34 in the afternoon. You are probably going to poop six times before it starts. Pooping is part of life. One of the best parts, some say. If you aren’t doing it, then you have a problem. So it follows that if you are doing it a lot, then you are crushing it. And if you are competing more, you are pooping more. So the question isn’t, should you compete? The question is, where? And if you want to poop like a king, and who doesn’t, then the bathrooms at the Washington State Convention Center are the best. And it just so happens that is where the 2016 Kill Cliff Cascade Classic is going to be. Crazy, right?! So get signed up for the qualifier, and you are automatically signed up for a future of healthy, smooth-moving bowels. You're welcome, athletes.