Margaux Alvarez talks Cascade Classic, CrossFit Games friendships, and who she would recruit for her trivial pursuit team

Fresh off her 4th consecutive CrossFit Games, fan favourite Margaux Alvarez took the time to answer a few questions about her recent experience at the 10th CrossFit Games, the friendships she has made in the sport, and her ideal Trivial Pursuit team.

Alvarez also happens to be a huge Cascade Classic supporter!

 Alvarez will be at the Cascade Classic. Will you?

Alvarez will be at the Cascade Classic. Will you?

What is it about the Cascade Classic that has you coming back to compete this year? 

Alvarez: I enjoyed the event last year and I liked the format: 1 day for individual, and 1 day for team. I would encourage athletes to sign up for this competition if they have goals to compete next year, as it will give them an idea on where they stand. I'm looking forward to the added components this year—powerlifting and weightlifting. I always enjoy a day where I can hang around the community, whether competing or spectating, and this event brings us all together throughout the day.

Rookie athletes always rave about how Margaux helped them out DURIng StreSSFUL COMPETITIONS LIKE THE GAMES (like Tasia Percevecz did in this recent Blonyx blog).  How do you have time to help the rookies during a stressful competition?

Alvarez: I’m just being me out there. I remember what it was like my first year. There were a lot of unknowns, so if I can share my experience to help others, then I will.

It has been an amazing experience to get to meet other athletes from around the world and get to know them better. I have developed friendships with athletes through the years and have shared special memories with them and have made same of the best friends through this journey.

 The friendships are real...

The friendships are real...

I assume you might be a bit disappointed (although you shouldn’t be) with your overall placing this year, as I know you were hoping to improve upon your 9th place finish last year. Was it a challenge for you to overcome as your were competing? Or were you not paying attention to scores and the leaderboard?

Alvarez: I was aware of how I was doing. My coach and I talk about staying balanced, not too high, not too low. It’s hard when your plan doesn’t go as planned, but I can’t hold on to that as you have multiple workouts in a day. We were both confused at times, but there were also outside factors we couldn’t control, so we would remind ourselves another year in Carson is not guaranteed, so I reminded myself to embrace each day.

Being able to compete at the 10th CrossFit Games was a great experience. Having the opportunity to compete at Aromas, where it all started, was a lifetime experience and I’m grateful to have been a part of it.

What did you do right after the Games ended?

Alvarez: I ate seafood—shrimp, oysters, ahi tuna. I drank the wine we made last year: Syrah and Zifandel. And the next day, I had eggs benedict with coffee. Alex and I hung out with my family and just relaxed. I wasn’t physically sore, but just needed time to mentally recover and allow for some cuts and infections to heal up. The Monday after the Games is always the hardest day of the year. There is so much adrenaline and focus throughout the weekend, so when it’s all over there is a drop of emotions and a feeling of, ‘What do I do?’ 

Which Games athletes would you choose for you Trivial Pursuit team? 

Alvarez: My team would be Julie Foucher, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet and Alex Parker. We could cover science, engineering and law questions! And Alex is one of the funniest girls out there. 

 Who wouldn't want this beauty Alex Parker on their trivial pursuit team?

Who wouldn't want this beauty Alex Parker on their trivial pursuit team?