Why should I compete at the Cascade Classic? Or at all.

For those of who have never competed in a fitness competition - this is for you.

Perhaps you’ve been training for a little while and don’t think you’re ‘ready’ to compete just yet, or you’re worried about how you’ll stack up against the competition...

Competition is an opportunity.

An opportunity to put your training to the test, to see how you compare with your peers, to have an experience unlike many others out there, and as a measure on how your individual journey within fitness is progressing.

However, competitions can be an intimidating prospect - especially at first, putting yourself out there, giving your all and being vulnerable to the outcome. Setting a date in the calendar is the first step, then there’s the build in anticipation as the day approaches (always seemingly faster than expected!) spending time refining movements, dialing in nutrition, practicing transitions and optimizing recovery.

Daunting as it may be to compete for the first time, we grow most at the boundaries of our experience - and for many people, competition is an unknown experience, so it's no co-incidence that these environments can be catalysts for huge growth in athletes.

I like to think of competition like a metal-workers forge. An athlete enters and is molded and shaped by the heat of competition, the pressure, the environment, crowds and atmosphere. Whether they emerge transformed, refined and stronger, or brittle and broken is dependent on how they choose to perceive the experience.

At OPEX we firmly believe in the mantra “full effort - full victory”. Nowhere is this truer than in the heat of competition. Whilst many athletes focus solely on their placing, attaching feelings of value and self-worth to the leaderboard and their performance relative to others, this extrinsic focus can often lead to disappointment and feelings of inadequacy.

Instead, focusing on what part competition plays in YOUR individual journey, in YOUR path to where YOU want to be can be a hugely powerful experience and opportunity for self-reflection on your journey toward your goals. Regardless of the outcome, enjoy the experience, be present and savor each moment, give EVERYTHING you have and you have already won.

Events like the 2016 Kill Cliff Cascade Classic provide an excellent platform to compete alongside like-minded members of the fitness community and reap the transformative benefits of this amazing experience.


-Matt Connolly