Top 10 athletes to watch at this weekend's Cascade Classic

The Cascade Classic competition kicks off tomorrow. It’s time to take a look at some of the top athletes to watch. 

(These are our humble predictions. Feel free to disagree and to tell us our predictions suck. Post to comments who you think will be top 5 in the individual competition).

Top 5 Female Predictions

1. Margaux Alvarez: Hard to overlook a four-time CrossFit Games athlete who just keeps getting fitter. She’ll be tough to touch this weekend.

2. Alexis Johnson: Her confidence should be soaring after competing in her first CrossFit Games this summer.

 Johnson is ready for heavy DBs

Johnson is ready for heavy DBs

3. Ashley Ferda: Ferda competed at her first Regional competition last spring and surprised many when she found herself in the thick of things until the very end of the competition. She ended up placing a respectable 12th. She should do well at many of the stronger man movements this weekend, like rowing, DB snatches, DB shoulder to overhead and heavy D-balls.

4. Marah Baker: Like Ferda, Baker should crush the big man stuff: Watch her dominate the DB snatches and heavy D-Balls etc. She was 20th at the 2016 West Regional; this girl is definitely on the rise.

5. Ok, I couldn’t decide, so I’m copping out on choosing a 5th and am naming three other top ladies to watch:

5a). Tia Wright: Performance of the year at last spring’s West Regional, Wright missed the Games by just two spots. This weekend’s workouts might not favour her, however, which is the only reason I didn’t put her in the top 3.

 Lovable Tia Wright!

Lovable Tia Wright!

5b). Brittany Brown: Top 3 in talent, but again, these events don’t look like the Brittany Brown show. She needs things like 175 lb. snatches or 205 lb. cleans for reps, and more technical gymnastics.

5c). Chelsea Nicholas: 19th at the 2016 West Regional, this girl keeps getting better. And she just had an impressive showing the the Granite Games.

Top 5 Male Predictions

** Samuel Kwant has withdrawn, which is why he is absent from this list

1. Alex Anderson: This guy hung in there with the best in the world at the 2016 CrossFit Games. He finished an impressive 11th at the Games—and spent the majority of the weekend well into the top 10. This competition is his to lose.



2. Jordan Cook: Another big name, Cook competed at the 2015 CrossFit Games and narrowly missed qualifying in 2016 when he was 8th at the South Regional competition. Getting to the podium here shouldn't be a problem for this man.

3. OJ Washington: He qualified in 19th to the 2016 California Regional, but joined up with his team at Regionals instead. Being from California, he will have something to prove to all the Northwest and Canada West athletes competing this weekend.

4. Travis Mead: He qualified to the 2016 West Regional competition as an individual but withdrew before the competition began. He’s back on track now, though; he recently won the Cascade Classic online qualifier.

5. Joe ScaliA 2015 Games athlete, Scali is probably better than 5th, but he has taken a whole year off to recover from various ailments, but he seems to be back in fine form! Then again, now that he's all married up, maybe his priorities have changed and love is all he needs...

What do you think? Who will wind up on the podium this weekend?