Individual competition Recap

The men’s and women’s competitions at today’s Cascade Classic at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle pretty much mirrored each other:

Each boasted two individual CrossFit Games athletes—Margaux Alvarez and Alexis Johnson for the women, and Alex Anderson and Jordan Cook on the men’s side—and in each case, it was pretty clear these athletes knew they belonged on top. The question then became who would sneak onto the podium with them?

 Anderson and Cook

Anderson and Cook

The women’s side was a tight race between Alvarez and Johnson the entire day. Alvarez bested Johnson on three of the five events, while Johnson got Alvarez on the other two. In the end, only two points separated the two at the end of the day. 

The third podium spot could have gone to a number of athletes; Ashley Ferda, Marah Baker, Kelsey Ware and Brittany Brown all flirted with the podium at different times during the day, but in the end it was Nicholas’ consistent performances that clinched it. Ferda, Baker, Ware and Brown all had at least one placing outside of the top 10, while Nicholas was never worse than 8th.

 Nicholas flew on the muscle-ups!

Nicholas flew on the muscle-ups!

The men’s side wasn’t as close of a race as the women. Anderson pretty much dominated the competition, finishing with four 1st place finishes and one 2nd, while Cook was a comfortable second. And after the 3rd event, it became clear it was George Sanchez who would likely be third. He finished strong, besting the 4th place competitor by a decisive 14 points.

3 Highlight Performances of the Day:

3. Marah Baker’s 100 lb. DB snatch: She was the only woman in the entire competition who managed to get at least one rep on the final DB of the ladder.

2. Anderson’s Final Event: He was a man among boys, looking like he was going at 70% effort—calm and poised and barely breathing—while the others fought as hard as they could to stay in his wake.

1. Margaux Alvarez’ big finish: In the final event, the lead switched between Johnson and Baker three or four times in the first few minutes, while Alvarez played it a bit more conservatively. In other words, she paced herself like the absolute veteran she is. And it paid off. She managed to sneak up on Johnson during the last set of triple unders, and then raced to her 125 lb. bar and knocked off 3 thrusters before Johnson even picked her barbell up.

Emotional Performance Winner

2. Tia Wright’s Event 1: Anyone who was at the West Regional in the spring remembers how close Wright got to qualifying to Carson. The final event of legless rope climbs, though, got the best of her, crushing her CrossFit Games dream. Only a few months later, Wright made legless rope climbs look easy today! Watch for her in 2017.

Come join us tomorrow for the always-fun team event!