Top coaches from OPEX, Misfits and Outlaw will be on hand at the Cascade Classic to answer your burning questions

Do you have training or fitness business questions that are burning your brain? Questions you’d love to field to the likes of experienced coaches and business owners like James FitzGerald?

 The one and only OPT!

The one and only OPT!

You will have the opportunity to do just that at the Cascade Classic on September 24th and 25th.

FitzGerald—founder of the highly-esteemed OPEX Fitness and winner of the first ever CrossFit Games in 2007—will join two other highly-acclaimed coaches—The Outlaw Way’s Rudy Nielson and Misfit Athletics’ Director Seth Spencer—to discuss all things fitness—from training and programming, to coach-athlete relationships, to the business side of coaching and running a gym, to the future of the sport, to Froning versus Fraser, to drugs and CrossFit. 

 2016 CrossFit Games athletes Travis Williams and Alexis Johnson are two MisFit athletes

2016 CrossFit Games athletes Travis Williams and Alexis Johnson are two MisFit athletes

Check back here the week of the event for exact discussion and Q&A times!

Proven athletes speak highly of their proven coaches

Tennil Reed and her OPEX coach Mike Lee:

OPEX owner FitzGerald now devotes his time to coaching coaches, as opposed to working directly with the athletes.  Mike Lee is one of his OPEX coaches. He's also the coach of Tennil Reed, who qualified and competed at her first CrossFit Games this summer. She credits much of her success Lee:

“I truly believe he is the best coach out there, or I wouldn’t still be training with him. It has been two and a half years now and he has taken my regional level abilities and got me to the Games. I reached my ultimate goal. I know he is the difference-maker. He programs individually for my weaknesses. He is a design genius in my opinion, keeps me healthy, and knows how to motivate me. I don’t tell many people this because I don’t want to share my coach (haha).” - Reed

 Big love to her coach...

Big love to her coach...

Joe Scali and his Outlaw Coach Rudy Nielson

Scali qualified to and competed at the 2015 CrossFit Games. He has put his trust in the Outlaw Way since 2012 when he started following the blog remotely. Scali later started working more directly with Nielson in 2014, and credits him with helping him get to the CrossFit Games in 2015:

“I was so bad at Olympic weightlifting when I started CrossFit. I couldn’t overhead squat a barbell. But I had a good engine, and that got me pretty far. Then, I started working with Rudy (Nielson) in 2014. He helped me get into the best shape of my life in 2015. He puts so much work into sending me my programs everyday, and changing things up when I need. He’s really good to work with. Anytime I need him, he’s there. I talk to him pretty much every day by text message, and have ever since 2015. Anything from politics, to sending videos and analyzing my lifts, to programming, to talking about cars—it’s a pretty laid back and personable (relationship we have). I would consider him a coach, but also a good friend. He’s just a good person. And he’s a guy I’d hang out with and have a drink at the bar with. The best quote I ever got from him was in 2015 before the last workout at Regionals. He said: ‘Don’t worry about what happens out there. I’m proud of you and don’t care what the outcome is.’ That just calmed me down, and I did really well in that final workout and made the CrossFit Games.” - Scali

 Joe Scali is obviously thinking about his coach here...

Joe Scali is obviously thinking about his coach here...


Chelsea Nicholas and her OPEX coach Robin Lyons

Opex coach Robin Lyons works with West Regional athlete Chelsea Nicholas. Here’s what Nicholas has to say about her coach: 

“I can’t say I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I started working with Robin. All I knew was I had been training a lot but whoever I was doing on my own wasn’t working since I was far from qualifying for Regionals as an individual. I decided I’d try this, commit to a coach for a year and see what happened. I went from (placing) 115th in the Open in 2015 to 5th in 2015 with Robin’s coaching…The best way I have found to describe (my) coach is like a fitness doctor. When I signed up, the ran all these tests—which they have countless existing data point for from years of experience—diagnose deficiencies based on your current abilities and your personal goals, then prescribe programming to fix things and get you closer to your goal. In addition to brilliant programming, I’d say Robin has helped me achieve a lot of personal growth and maturity over the last two years.” - Nicholas

Cody Mooney and his Misfits coaches Seth Spencer and Drew Crandall

Mooney is a North East athlete who was 23rd in the 2016 Open. He’s a Misfit. Here’s what he has to say about his coaches:

“I chose MisFit because for me I need a coach that I can also call a friend. Seth (Spencer) and Drew (Crandall) are way more than just coaches to me. They are both people that I can truly call friends and family. Along with that, they know a ton about the sport, and their programming is proven to work.” - Mooney