A bit about the firecracker from the Northwest Carly Fuhrer

Some people are quiet competitors.

The Northwest regions' Carly Fuhrer is not.

With her patented side ponytail, big smile, and firecracker-like energy, she’s impossible not to notice when she’s out on the floor. Her insane talent and killer performances also play an undeniable role, of course—performances that helped her earn her second straight berth to the CrossFit Games this summer. 

Fuhrer admitted this year’s regionals were a little tougher than last year.

“I felt 100 percent more pressure, but a lot of that was what I expected from myself. I was a different athlete this year, and I knew I was capable of returning back to the Games. Last year, I had no expectations of what I (could) achieve," she said.

“Regionals this year I had a fire in me," she added.

Despite her great performance in Portland in June, she said it wasn’t a perfect competition for her. Fuhrer admitted she lost her cool during Event 3, and during Event 4, “I forgot how to handstand walk it seemed, and left me in tears," she said. 

Still, though, she was able to remain mentally strong.

“You're always going to have to overcome something and for me it was Day 2. I had to move on and do whatever I was capable of on the next day," she said. 

She did more than enough on Day 3 by placing an impressive 3rd and 4th on the final two events to clinch fourth overall and another trip to the Games. Fuhrer credits having been there last year with helping her gain confidence to be able to do what she did on Day three of regionals this year.

 Fuhrer on Day 3

Fuhrer on Day 3

“Competing at the Games helped me realize what I could be capable of. I would say it gave me an idea of what my goals should be, a new outlook on what I can make happen, and that I do belong out there. It for sure made me work harder, and want to improve every day," she said. 

And it has helped her believe she can do more this summer.

Last year, she said she was just there. But not this year. 

“I didn’t know what to expect and honestly was intimidated to be there (last year). This year, I am nothing short of excited," she said. And she has spent the year improving nearly every aspect of her fitness, so she’s ready to do more this summer. 

"I love to compete. I love how I feel when I am out there, and I love training to be on the competition floor. It's a rush I can’t really explain," she said.

“It takes me away from everything. I feel in my own world when I am competing.”





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