Get to know the Assault Banger champion George Sanchez

Two weeks after his rookie CrossFit Games debut, George Sanchez, who won the Assault Banger workout, took the time to answer a few questions about his experience in Madison, where he placed an impressive 22nd overall.

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EB: What was your Games experience like?

Sanchez: My Games experience, in two words, was absolutely everything. I experienced every emotion I think I'm capable of feeling in the course of those 4 days. Excitement, anxiety, nervousness, anger, joy, free, pain, hurt, humble, happy, HUNGRY, and elation just to name a small handful. 

EB: Highlights? Lowlights?

Sanchez: I loved winning the Assault Banger, of course, and hated when Castro announced Heavy 17.5 as it was my worst Open finish this year.. like bad. When I was preparing for the Games I told myself I would try to win the ones I thought I could win, and fight my way through the ones I thought would give me trouble. The Assault Banger was the only event that I knew I could win when I took the floor. As much as I'd like to say I celebrated that win, I didn't really because I was immediately scooped from the competition floor to take a random drug testing. My cool down and post workout routine was ruined and I feel it affected my recovery for the following days. Imagine running a race car 200mph until the tank is completely emptied and then hopping into a Geo Metro to finish the last lap of the race. This is how I felt on Saturday at the Games. 

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EB: What were the biggest challenges emotionally/mentally/physically to survive the weekend?

Sanchez: One of my biggest challenges through the weekend was trusting in myself and in my ability to perform to my full capacity. I found myself just going through the motions on several events and not really pushing my hardest to truly give everything I had. I feel that maybe I was a little lost in the moment and slightly overwhelmed at the level which I was competing. The venue, the fans, the competitors, the lights and the noise were all very new to me and like nothing I've ever experienced. Moving forward, I won't be giving my competition the same credit I have in years past as I now view them as my peers and know that the ultimate stage is exactly where I belong. This isn't to say I'm losing any kind of respect towards them, but rather gaining a little more respect for myself.

EB: What was your diet like the week of the Games? Is it hard to eat enough the week to sustain the demands of the competition?

Sanchez: My fueling for the Games was pretty on point as I was fueled through lunch and dinner every day by Paleo Power Meals. My only regret is not ordering more food! Snacking for me normally looks like fresh fruits, Gatorade, Paleoethics, oats, and AMRAP Fitaid. My guess is that I was somewhere near 3,500-4,000 calories. Next year, I will definitely need to eat even more throughout the weekend and the days leading up to it. That said, there was no shortage of cheese curds, nachos, pork tacos, custard or beer on Sunday night or Monday in Madison. 

EB: How did your body hold up?

Sanchez: My body held up just as good as the next guy’s, despite that Friday to Saturday transition. Everyone's hands were beat up from the hammer, but more so everyone's quads were just destroyed after Day 1. Walking from event to event should have been scored somehow. 

EB: How did you spend the week after the Games?

Sanchez: After the Games, I was instructed to take two weeks completely off. TWO WEEKS. FOURTEEN DAYS. THREE-HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX HOURS. TWENTY THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY MINUTES. OFF. While it has been nice to open up some headspace and give my body the rest and recovery it deserves, I'm ready to get back to training so I can become even more fit for this year and the years to come.

If we're lucky, we'll see Sanchez at the Cascade Classic again this fall!

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