Meet 2016 CrossFit Games athlete Christina Seeley

Though Christina Seeley was well-known in the Canada West CrossFit circuit for some years, she burst onto the scene in a big way in 2016, when she qualified to the CrossFit Games in 5th place out the West region.

This year, Seeley had another big performance at the West regional competition, but came up just shy of qualification in 7th overall.

She opened up about how hard it was to place 7th this year:

“It was obviously hard not to make it back to the Games. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed,” she said. “But I felt like I really improved this year and I think we can all agree that this year’s regionals were unlike any (other) year.” Seeley is traditionally incredibly strong with a barbell, which she didn’t get a chance to show off at this year’s dumbbell-dominated regionals. 

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After her experience in Carson in 2016, Seeley spent much of last year working on improving her mental game, as well as her aerobic capacity, which she said was a struggle for her in the past. She made great strides in that area over the year, and it’s those strides—and not the disappointment of placing 7th—that she decided to focus on.

“Like I came second in Event 1, which provided me with a lot of confidence that I put my efforts into the right training this year,” she said. 

A full-time nurse, who works in surgical oncology and who squeezes her training in before or after her long shifts, Seeley said her goals moving forward into 2018 are simple: “Keep improving, keep competing and keep enjoying CrossFit."

And for now, a big part of the fun is competing, she said.

“That’s why I (did) the Cascade Qualifier. Last year, I struggled with deciding what competitions I would do and ended up doing none of them. So this year, I picked some that work around dates I have off at work and are going for them,” she said. Seeley placed 8th in the qualifier and is planning on heading to Seattle for the event in October.

“My husband is already planning a micro brewery pub crawl,” she said. 

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