Beasts wear luon


Beast Fest is a little over 12 weeks away and in order to make the time go faster we are putting out five Beast Challenges along the way. This is a way to share some of the fun stuff we are planning for Beast Fest as well as see what sort of monsters will be throwing their hat in the ring.

You don’t have to compete at Beast Fest to do any of the challenges. There will be a new challenge every two weeks starting July 1st.

The first challenge is going to be fun(ish). Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Lululemon in Pacific Place, we are holding our first challenge in their store. You will have two weeks to take a shot at it, and because the team over there is so cool the prize is fantastic.

The Challenge:

1 minute max effort on the Airdyne for max calories.

The Prize:

1 outfit selected from their store.

1 male winner and 1 female winner.

There will be a leaderboard up in the store as well as on the Beast Fest competition site and Facebook fan page.

Free clothes from those athletic wear comfort geniuses at Lululemon is totally worth 60 seconds on the airdyne.

No limit to the number of tries. I wouldn’t do it right after you eat.  We will announce each challenge two days before it starts.  5 chances to win some cool stuff leading up to the ultimate downtown Seattle throwdown.

Registration for Beast Fest opens July 1st. Only 48 spots for each division so get on it.