Individual Events

jho snatch
jho snatch

Individual EventsEvent 1 300 FY (courtesy of the boys at Gym Jones) Max calories on the Airdyne in 10 min. Score=calories

Event 2 Bench/Power Clean 2 min max reps bench press 85kg rest 2 min 2 min max power cleans 85kg Score=combined reps of bench press and power clean This event will take place roughly 75 minutes after event 1. Athletes will have about 20 min to warm up for this event.

Event 3 Thruster/Stairs 10 Thrusters 60kg Run up and down the Harbor Steps 3 rounds for time 12 min time cap If you don’t finish within the time cap 1 second will be added to your time for each uncompleted rep. The stairs are broken into sections. Judges will be posted along the stairs to record your place in the event of an athlete reaching the time cap.

Event 4 DB snatch ladder. Athletes will have 45 seconds to complete one db snatch with each arm. 15 seconds will be allotted for rest. Athletes will continue to increase in db weight until failure. Each arm counts as one rep. Start on either arm.

Avoiding ties: A tenth of a point will be added for additional reps completed on the same arm. Ex: I successfully lift 110# on my right arm and can’t do it on my left. I snatch it twice more with my right arm before time runs out. I will receive 2 additional tenths of a point.

Event 5 7 deads 110kg 400m row 15 pull ups 3 rounds for time 12 min time cap Chin above the horizontal plane of the bar. Any pull up style is accepted. Standard pull up rules apply.

Do good work., don’t be douchey, and have some fun tomorrow.