Beast Fest Recap part 1

What is there to say about Beast Fest? If you were there then you already know. If you weren’t I don’t think there is much that I can say to make you truly understand it. I will try to convey the essence of the day not just to share the event with folks who couldn’t be there but to commemorate the valiant efforts of the competitors and the incredible generosity of the volunteers that made the day one to remember. Beast Fest was a single day, 5 event celebration of awesomeness that took place on September 14th. $1000 up for grabs to the top finisher in each division. In our first year the field wasn’t huge but the heart displayed by every athlete was immeasurable. The goal of Beast Fest is to create a competitive space in which folks have their fitness tested through a variety of rigorous events exposing capacity in multiple domains. Short gymnastics, mid-range aerobic, and pure strength were among the things tested over the course of the day. Athletes and teams needed to be well rounded to finish all of the events well let alone come out on top as the winners of Beast Fest.

Let’s just tackle it by event.


Individual Event 1

300 FY.  10 minutes, max calories on the Airdyne.

Competitive CrossFit events aren’t renowned for their single modality events, and this is especially true in the aerobic power domain. This year’s CrossFit Games showed us something we haven’t seen come up in a while with the first event and I don’t know about you but I loved it. While it may not be exciting to watch it definitely pulls the curtain back on an athletes physical as well as mental preparation. When we remove skill from the equation we get the chance to see some other things come to the surface.

10 straight minutes on the Airdyne will definitely teach you something about yourself and your training. This is felt to an even greater degree if you have never been on an Airdyne before. Pacing in workouts is critical and it takes an incredibly self aware athlete to be able to make those important adjustments on game day in an event that they aren’t incredibly familiar with. The simplicity of the event though makes it a reasonable measure of an athletes ability to generate aerobic power.

Everyone suffered on this one. It varied only by degrees. Mark Buskas took the event with 247 calories in 10 minutes. It was Mark’s first time using the Airdyne for testing so that is a great score.  Knowing he had 4 more events to complete and still putting up that number is fantastic.


Team Event 1

Men 20 power cleans 85k Women 20 power cleans 45k Team 40 pull ups Men 15 power cleans 85k Women 15 power cleans 45k Team 30 pull ups Men 10 power cleans 85k Women 10 power cleans 45k Team 20 pull ups

For time

With our team events we wanted to see not just how much work could get done but how effectively a team could spread the load among their respective individual strengths. The weights were not too heavy on this one, nor were the reps incredibly high so if teams were judicious the work could be completed in short order.

CrossFit Marysville demonstrated near flawness technique in their movements and surgical precision in the division of labor. They won the event with a time of 4:55. They were a full minute faster than second place. I guess when you take 3 individual Games competitors and put them on the same team and throw in the super human Melissa Dixon the only thing that can be expected is a spectacle.