Beast Fest Recap part 2


I hope you are ready to get a little bit excited and quite a bit emotional because event 2 on the individual side as well as the team side was one for the books. In fact I am actually thinking about writing a book that just covers the incredible details of event 2 at the 2013 Beast Fest. I am looking for a publisher so if you know anyone…

Anyhow, grab a meat snack and sit back in your chair because we are going on an articulate and electrifying adventure.

Individual Event 2

2:00 max reps bench press 85kg

2:00 rest

2:00 max reps power clean 85kg

for total reps

First of all I know exactly what you are thinking. CrossFitter’s love to bench. Why would you only give people only 2 minutes to delight in the most popular lift in the global CrossFit community. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. In fact the version of the programming for Beast Fest had 7 different events that all included bench press. Event 1, 4, and 7 were all 1 rep max bench. Event 2 was a drop set starting at 225# loaded up with nothing but 10 pound plates. Max reps, drop 20# all the way down to an empty bar for total weight moved. The math was ridiculous but it would have been amazing. We will almost certainly do it next year. I agree that two minutes is barely enough time to get a good chest pump but it is in fact enough time so two minutes was what we went with. It was awesome to see what folks put up on the bench considering many athletes don’t even have a bench in their gym. Most of us don’t have easy pool access either but apparently that is no excuse anymore if you consider CrossFit your sport.


Andrew Tucker was in the first wave of athletes to go and he called his shot at 95 reps on the bench in 2 minutes. I might be exaggerating a little bit but it if it wasn’t that exact statement it was something like that. In fact I remember it now. He said “I really like to bench. I am excited about this event.” Granted he didn’t say how many reps he was going to get nor was there any overt conceit in his statement but you can sort of read between the lines on that one. It turns out that he could have conveyed a little more confidence because he absolutely destroyed it. Some of the other benching legends of the Northwest were there like Chris Exarhos, Charles Mount, and Chris Turnbull. If you don’t know who these people are then you don’t bench enough. None of them could hold a candle to Tucker it turns out.

After the bench the athletes took a short break before the power clean. Most of the athletes just stood in front of the bar but it wasn’t required. I really wanted to see someone go get a snack but I was disappointed on that front. These boys came out swinging though so I wasn’t sad for long. Some of these men were approaching 30 reps in two minutes. Beautiful reps at that. It was like a power clean clinic and folks were giving out lessons all over the place.

After to the 2 lifts Andrew Tucker took the event with 52 total reps. Mark Doyle, Chris Exarhos, and Connor Nelson all put up 50 or more combined reps as well.

I had a take a break from the recap to put my youngest daughter to sleep. Now I am too tired and I need to do this thing right so I will be back tomorrow with the next part of the recap. At this rate it will be time to start hyping Beast Fest 2014 but it will be totally worth it.