Beast Fest Team Event 2 Recap


Team Event 2

1 erg 1 bench station

20 min to row as many meters as possible and establish a 1 rm bench for each member of the team.

Scored as two events. Combined load on bench press and total meters on the row.


Event 2 for the teams involved a little strategy and a whole lot of grit. Obviously you needed to keep someone on the rower at all times but what intensity and for what duration this athlete would be working varied a lot between teams. Teams with strong female rowers leaned heavily on them. Chelsea Denigan put up some sick numbers for her team on the erg.


CrossFit Interbay also had a woman whose name I don’t know but whose rowing mechanics and aerobic power output I will never forget. In fact if the Waterworld ever becomes a real thing I want both of these ladies on my team. It was like a a Viking oarsman, a giraffe, and a dolphin somehow had two babies and these epic ladies became CrossFitters because they, like a fledgeling superhero who has yet to discover their true gifting, have not discovered that they were born to be in, on, or around the water. This is not to say that was not some impressive performances being dished out by plenty of other folks in this event. CrossFit Marysville was not to be outdone. They may not have come with the height and weight advantage but they certainly came to do some damage. Every member of their team sat on the erg ready to prove something. It was 20 minute rowing lesson for anyone who was paying attention. David Howe and the team for Jet City weren’t going down without a fight. At the end the Marysville Team took a first on the row narrowly defeating Jet City by only 52 meters.


This was only half of event 2 though. Teams also had to establish a 1 rep max bench press for each athlete. This played significantly into the row strategy for each team. One thing that was consistent was PRs. Athletes were setting new personal records left and right. On several teams all four athletes set a new personal record in the bench.


It was also exciting to hear from more than one woman that it was their first time bench pressing EVER! Amazing! CrossFitter’s are not known for their bench prowess but there were some incredible demonstrations of strength from the athletes at Beast Fest. I want to say well done to every single person who got under the bar and gave 100%. It was inspirational. The top honors on the bench portion of event 2 goes to CrossFit Interbay with a combined total of 849.2 pounds. They edged out Marysville by just 2.2 pounds.


I know it has been over a week since Beast Fest but I am going to keep writing but you don’t have to keep reading. DB snatch coming up tomorrow. That was probably my favorite event of the whole competition.