Beast Fest Recap 6: The Final Recap


Beast Fest Recap part 6

Team Event 4

25 unbroken toes to bar 50 pistols 25 unbroken toes to bar 50 ring push ups 25 unbroken toes to bar 50 strict pull ups 25 unbroken toes to bar

for time

If an athlete comes off the bar during toes to bar they must do 5 burpees before getting back on the bar. They pick up where they left off. If they come off the bar a 2nd time they must do 10 burpees. 15 burpees the third time and so on. The athlete that begins the toe to bar set must do all 25 reps. Break up all of the other work as needed. One athlete working at a time.

Team event 4 was simultaneously a lesson in team coordination as well as a live instructional presentation of failure to planning being congruent with planning to fail. 25 unbroken toes to bar is a walk in the park. It is if you are awesome at toes to bar. It turns out that not everyone was at the same place with their toe to bar stamina. Some of the teams blasted right through each set of toes to bar. Some teams came out strong and then suffered in the later rounds. One team was just having a bad day. When I say bad day I mean sucking so bad at toes to bar that one or more of the team members may never do another abdominal exercise ever again. Before you get all huffy over the harsh words I want to let you know that the athletes in question belong to my gym and we had a nice cry session after the event and we are already in stage 4 of the grieving process. I didn’t think anyone would get to the 3rd burpee penalty but I am not going to lie to you and tell you I wasn’t at least a little bit pumped when it happened to more than one team. I am pretty sure I saw one dude hanging on for dear life needing only one more rep to complete his twenty-five ttb or drop down and get hit with a 15 burpee penalty. It was both exhilarating and heart breaking to see him come off the bar. There may or may not have been a tear shed. CrossFit Marysville cleaned house on this one setting a new world record. After hearing “new world record” fifty three times during regional updates I thought we should add it to the Beast Fest vernacular. In fact since 10 of the 11 events were original I guess there were 10 NEW WORLD RECORDS set that day.  Team Hellfire came in a very close second and Izzy led the Amped team to a solid 3rd place finish. The team from XCF got the team spirit award for digging in right up to the time cap. I want to give a shout out to Whitney Maxwell who did all of the pistols and then was subsequently roped into the following set of toes to bar.

Team Event 5

Airdyne Relay Airdyne 25 calories 15 thrusters 40kg men/25kg women

AMRAP 15 min

All four athletes cycle through the airdyne/thruster couplet as many times as possible in 15 minutes. The same order of rotation must be maintained throughout the 15  min. One athlete working at a time.

At 15 minutes ,this workout was officially the second longest of the day but it certainly felt like the longest.  If you haven’t been on an airdyne then you can’t really understand what made this event incredible. 25 calories and 15 thrusters takes a decent athlete roughly 60-90 seconds to complete. The first time. The second time folks got on the bike it took…longer. How much longer was relative. I am not talking about the relative fitness levels of various athletes. I am using relative in the Einsteinian sense of the word.

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity.”

It is just 25 cals and 15 thrusters. It seemed so easy the first time. They got to stand around for several minutes while their teammates went through the same simple couplet as well. The second time was just different. If athletes were lucky enough to get back to the bike a third time they got to endure something extra special. There was so much suffering. For a workout that was technically mostly just standing around there seemed to be so much sadness. Athletes were literally rolling around on the floor between sets. Once you completed your thrusters you had to tag the athlete waiting on the bike. In round one athletes ran back to their teammates. In round two they finished the thrusters, took what amounted to a running start, stopped, came up with a new plan that was mostly about not falling down on the trip back to the bike and walked back like a drunk standing up in a canoe in choppy water.  The Torque/Fort Vancouver put up their first win for the day. It was an epic event to get their first win on and they paid dearly for it. They were just shy of 11 full rounds. CrossFit Interbay took 2nd place on the final event just a few reps ahead of Marysville who took 3rd.

After 5 full events Beast Fest came to a close with Marysville taking top honors and $1000 dollars as the first team champions of Beast Fest. It was an incredible day with amazing energy from all of the athletes. I am excited to do it again next year.