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This year, more than 700 athletes will compete at the Cascade Classic. Our elite divisions will be packed with high-level competitors from the Northwest and across the country. New to this year, the individuals and teams will compete on both days!


Spots at the Cascade Classic are earned. Athletes wishing to compete in the Kill Cliff Cascade Classic must compete in the online qualifier. Division descriptions below. 


This is for the highest level of fitness competitor. Regional-level athletes and higher will be have their strength and will tested in a Northwest battle royale of epic proportions. In this category, nothing is off the table. Nothing. If the Convention Center didn't get all snooty about "safety" and "liability" we would be doing 50' rope climbs from the bottom of the skybridge. Expect heavy loads and high reps, as well as the standard gymnastics and weightlifting arsenal. The only way into this modern-day version of "The Running Man" except with barbells and rope climbs is to enter the ONLINE QUALIFIER. That, or be such a notorious badass that we send you a personal invitation because we just want to see your titanic quads and traps wrecking house in Seattle. 


Just a step down from elite, these athletes should come ready for just about anything. This category is still for the seasoned competitor. Athletes should be able to complete all workouts as prescribed without much difficulty. Well, other than the part where you feel like you might die if you keep going. But, if you don't die and you are looking for a place to test your mettle next to some iron-hungry, thruster-loving monsters, then sign up for the ONLINE QUALIFIER and show us what you are made of. 

Individual SCALED

Don't let the word scaled fool you, though. All of the classic lifts should be expected; pull-ups, push-ups, double-unders are all fair game. There won't be any muscle-ups, handstand skills, or pistols. The workouts will still be challenging; they just won't contain the more complex gymnastics movements, and the loads will be a little lighter than the average dot-com workout. To be considered for the Open division, you must still sign up for and complete the ONLINE QUALIFIER.


This category is for those athletes getting a little longer in the tooth but who still like to get in the ring and throw down like a honey badger in heat. If you are going to be between 40 and 49 years old on September 25, 2016 11:59pm, then you can step into the arena with the quadragenarian set. All Masters athletes will need to enter through the ONLINE QUALIFIER.


I don't want to count out those in their 50s, 60s or even 70s(?). If you are over 49 on September 25, 2016 11:59pm, then this is your division. Let's face it, though, whoever wins either Masters category probably could have stepped into the Rx category and hurt a lot of feelings. All Masters athletes will need to enter through the ONLINE QUALIFIER.


It is never too early to start competing. Unless you are 12 or under. Then it is too early to compete at The Cascade Classic. But, if you are going to be between 13 and 17 years old on September 25, 2016 11:59pm, then you probably should throw your hat in the ring. Whether you crush the Teen division or drag yourself across the finish line in dead last, there is something powerful about putting yourself out there. 


4-person teams composed of 2 men and 2 women

Any four athletes can join forces to create a team. This is your opportunity to create your own personal dream team. And I am talking about the 1992 US Men's Olympic Basketball team, not the 1989 cult comedy film starring Michael Keaton. (Although the movie was legit, and if you haven't seen it, you should check it out.) This is fantasy fitness time. Assemble your own personal all-star team and see if you have what it takes to take home your share of our $25,000 prize purse. 

The teams must enter through the online qualifier. It works just a lot like the Open without the affiliate restriction. Set up a team, add as many athletes as you like, smash the qualifier, and you are golden. Each week, the top two men's scores and top two women's scores will contribute to your team score. 

Long story short, get a minimum of two guys and two gals and get ready to put in work.

Start a team for free HERE.



We can't pull this off without our volunteers. If you or your family/friends are interested in volunteering as a judge or helping things run smoothly on competition day, fill out the form on the JUDGES PAGE, and we will get back to you. Free Cascade Classic shirt and lunch provided to all volunteers.



Is registration open for the fitness competition?

Yes. Registration for the online qualifier will remain open until the submission deadline for workout 1 on Monday, August 8th @ 5pm PDT. Register HERE.


You can submit your score HERE.

WHERE can I find the leaderboard?

You can find the leaderboard HERE

How do I register for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, or strongman?

Registration will remain open until all spots are filled. You can find the registration page HERE. If you see an option for your sport in the drop-down menu, you are free to register. Once each sport is full the option will be removed. 

do I have to video the workout? 

You should. You don't have to submit it with your score, but if there is a contested score, we will settle it with video. 

How many people can be on my team? 

There is no limit to team size.

How does team scoring work? 

Top 2 men's scores and top 2 women's scores count for your team score.


No, a judge is not required to be present in the video.

Can I submit a new score if I retest the workout and get a better score?

Absolutely. You can submit updated scores until the close of each workout.

Submission deadlines are at 5pm on the following dates:

Week 1: August 21

Week 2: August 28

Week 3: September 3