ROWING: Get on. Row. Stop when you have rowed enough to meet the set requirement.

DEADLIFT: This is that one where you pick up the bar from the floor and then put it down. Grip outside the knees. Stand up until your hips and knees are straight and your shoulders are behind the bar. Touch and go reps are acceptable as long as athletes are not bouncing the bar on the floor.

BOX JUMP: Box jumps involve a two footed take off, and a two foot landing on top of the box. The athlete must achieve full extension of the knees and hips before coming down off the box. A jump down or a step down is acceptable. Box jumps are required for all divisions except scaled

PULL-UPS: Hang from a bar. Then pull until your chin is higher than the horizontal plane of that same bar you are hanging from. Strict, kip, butterfly — whatever gets you from a full hang to chin over the bar, and we are good. Every rep begins with the arms fully extended and the feet off the floor.

JUMPING PULL-UP: Jumping pull-ups are performed on a box placed under a pull-up bar. When standing on the box, the top of the athlete's head must be at least 3" below the bar. Each pull-up begins with the athlete's feet on the box and both arms fully extended while holding onto the pull-up bar. The athlete will jump and pull until their chin breaks the horizontal plane of the bar, then return to the start position. 

DOUBLE-UNDERS: The rope must pass under the athlete’s feet twice for each jump. Only successful jumps are counted. Attempts will not count. ALL double unders will be performed with an RPM Scout rope.

ROPE CLIMBS: 15’ rope climbs require the athlete to climb a rope by any means necessary until they can touch the crossbeam from which the rope is suspended. Athletes can use their legs to ascend and descend the rope. Jumping to begin the climb is acceptable. Dropping from the rope is at the discretion of the athlete.

ROPE WALK UPS: The athlete will use the rope lower their body to the floor until their shoulders and hips are on the ground. They will pull themselves hand over hand back to a standing position. The athlete must keep their knees and hips straight during the ascent. A dumbbell will be placed at the foot of the rope for stability.

SANDBAG CLEANS: Pick up the sandbag from the ground and get it to a stable position on the shoulder. The bag can be lowered under control or dropped to the ground. NO TOUCH AND GO REPS. The bag must come to rest on the ground and the hands must be removed from the bag between reps. If the bag is dropped from the shoulder both the hand release and the resting bag requirement have been met. HINT: Just drop it. You do not have to alternate shoulders.

RUNNING: Use your legs to move your body as quickly as possible along a specified route.

DUMBBELL THRUSTER: Dumbbell thrusters involve the athlete passing through the bottom of a front squat and moving the dumbbells from the front rack to a full lockout overhead. The dumbbells start on the ground. The hip crease must pass below the knees. A full squat clean into the thruster is allowed. The dumbbells must come to a full lockout overhead with the hips, knees, and arms fully extended, and the dumbbells directly over the body.


SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD: The barbell will be taken from the floor and carried in the front rack. By any means necessary, the athlete will get the bar from the shoulders to overhead. Strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk are all acceptable methods. The athlete must lock out the arms, hips, and knees and have the feet under the body to complete a rep. 

BAR-FACING BURPEE: Each burpee must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell. Your head cannot be over the barbell. The chest and thighs touch the ground at the bottom. You must jump over the barbell from both feet and land on both feet. One-footed jumping or stepping over is not permitted. For the final burpee of each set, you must jump over the bar to complete the rep. * Working pairs will perform these reps in sync. The chests must be on the ground at the same time and the jump must be performed in sync.

ROWING: One athlete of each gender will get on the Concept 2 rowing machines that will be placed on slides. They will row until both athletes hit the minimum work requirement. Teams will not get to practice with slides before the event starts.

BOX JUMP OVERS: Both feet start on the ground on one side of the box. Get up and over the box. Only the feet can touch the top of the box. Both feet must touch the ground on the other side before the rep is complete.

WORM CLEANS: The team will get the worm from the floor to the shoulder by any means necessary. All four athletes must have their knees and hips fully extended with the worm stable on the shoulder for the rep to count. Touch and go reps are acceptable, but all four segments must touch the ground simultaneously before the next rep can be initiated.

WORM SQUAT: With the worm stable on the shoulders of all four athletes, all four athletes will pass through the bottom of the squat simultaneously. The hip crease must be lower than the knee cap at the bottom of the squat. at the top of the movement all four athlete must achieve full extension of the knees and hips.