AUGUST 16 - september 3, 2017

2 workouts are released each wednesday at 5pm pst
scores must be submitted the following monday by 5pm pst

The online qualifier serves as a selection, and sorting tool for the main event. There will be three divisions within the qualifier. The Rx division, from which the Elite, and Rx,  fields will be filled. The Scaled category in the qualifier will be a funnel for the Open division for the main event.  The Masters division has two brackets for athletes 40-49 and 50 and over. That being said, if you are 46 and kicking ass, you are more than welcome to jump into the Rx division. 

The qualifier will take place over three weeks and include six workouts. Workouts will be released on Wednesdays at 5pm and scores will need to be submitted by the following Monday at 5pm. Movement standards and scoring will be released along with each workout. Athletes can attempt the workouts as often as they like within the submission window, but only one score will be submitted. 

For full rules and regulations for The Cascade Classic, including the online qualifier, see the RULES AND REGULATIONS.

WEEK   1   

Workout 1

Ascending ladder of:


As many reps as possible in 7 minutes. 

1 burpee onto plate and 1 25' run in round 1
2 burpees onto plate and 2 shuttle runs in round 2

Reps for each movement keep increasing each round until the athlete reaches the time cap.

The score for this workout is total reps completed. 


BURPEE ONTO PLATE begins standing at full extension on the floor, drops the chest to the floor, ensuring no part of the body touches the plate at the bottom, then stands up and jumps onto the plate. The rep is complete with the athlete standing at full extension with both feet on the plate. Athletes can jump or step onto the plate. The plate size does not matter as long as it is big enough for both feet to be on the plate and not touching the floor. 

SHUTTLE RUNS require athletes to first set markers for the 25' distance. Athletes will begin each run behind the marker line. Completing the run involves crossing the 25' line. On round 1 the athlete will simply start behind the first line and run across the other line. In successive rounds athletes will touch the marker line WITH THE HAND and return to the start line. At the completion of each run athletes will cross the final line to complete that set. 

EX: Round 4, begins behind the closest line which we will call the base line. The athletes runs to the opposite line and touches it for "rep" 1, then runs back to the base line and touches it for "rep" 2, then runs to the opposite and touches it for "rep" 3 and then runs across the base line to complete the set and then begins the 5 burpee set if time remains. 


Workout  2

Max weight on the following barbell complex.

Power clean + hang clean + front squat + 2 shoulder to overheard

There is no time cap for this workout


Athletes have as much time as needed to work up to their max weight on the above barbell complex. 

The POWER CLEAN requires the athlete to pull the bar from the floor and recieve the bar on the shoulders without the hips going below parallel

The HANG CLEAN is performed with the bar starting anywhere above the knee and received on the shoulders and the athlete MUST pass through a full squat. 

The FRONT SQUAT requires the athlete to keep the bar in the front rack position and pass through a full squat.

SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD takes the bar from the shoulders to a full lockout overhear by any means necessary. 

Once the bar leaves the floor for the power clean the athlete may not set the bar down until the complex is complete.