The 2019 Online Qualifier serves as the selection and sorting process for Finals in September. There are three categories in the qualifier.

  1. Rx from which the Finals Elite and Rx Divisions will be filled.

  2. Scaled which funnels athletes into the Open Division for Finals  

  3. Masters athletes 40-49 and 50+ (if you are 46 and kicking ass, you are more than welcome to jump into the Rx division.)

Workouts will be released on Wednesdays at 5pm PST and scores must submitted by the following Monday at 5pm PST.

Movement standards and scoring will be released along with each workout. Athletes can attempt the workouts as often as they like within the submission window, but only one score can be submitted. 

For full rules and regulations for The Cascade Classic, including the online qualifier, see the rules and regulations page.


Cascade Classic 2018 - DSC_1120 - Day 1.jpg

Click on the button and sign in using the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you registered with.

  1. Expand the side menu bar and click "Submit Score"

  2. Select a workout

  3. Submit your score