The 2017 Cascade Classic team competition will involve 4 events for all teams.  After 4 events the top 12 teams will compete in a final event. 

Event 1:    Quadsimodo

sponsored by RIOT CYCLE

In 20 minutes teams will complete as many reps as possible of the following 2 tasks:

Task 1
Team relay
10 calories on the Assault Bike
10 DB hang clusters

Task 2
15' Rope climbs

For the relay each athlete must complete all 20 reps of the couplet before the next athlete begins work.
For the rope climbs any athlete may climb at any time. 

2 scores for this event. Total reps on the relay is one score and total rope climbs is score 2

Event 2:   Clean and Press...ish

sponsored by PR Lifting

2:00 Max reps sandbag over yolk between two athletes
2:00 Max reps strict press
1:00 Max reps sandbag over yolk between two athletes
1:00 Max reps strict press

125# sandbag for men, 90# sandbag for women
125# for men, 75# for women

Score is total reps between the two movements.

Athletes 1 and 2 will begin on the sandbag, athletes 3 and 4 will begin on the press. 1 sandbag passed back and forth over the yolk. 1 barbell that can be handed off as often as needed. Each pair will complete 2 minutes at the press and 2 minutes on the sandbag, and then 1 minute on the press, and 1 minute on the sandbag.


Event 3:   Choose wisely

Sponsored by Concept 2

70 pull ups
70 cal row
60 Pull ups
60 cal row
50 cal row
50 pull ups
40 cal row
40 pull ups
30 cal row
30 pull ups
20 cal row
20 pull ups
10 cal row
10 pull ups

2 athletes start at each station. Teams will have 2 ergs and 1 pull up station. Athlete pairs do not have to be the same gender.  Pairs are fixed once the workout starts. There will be one judge at each station. Pull ups can be done in sync and count for 2 reps. After reps are completed at your station you switch stations. WOrk volume is cumulative between the two athletes.

EX: Athlete pair would perform 70 pull ups, 60 cal row, 50 pull ups, 40 cal row, 30 pull ups, 20 cal row, 10 pull ups. The other pair would do the opposite work. Both pairs will complete 70 reps before switching places, and so on. 

Event 4:    scout troop 247365

Sponsored by RPM Training


10 minutes to complete as many reps as possible at the following stations. 

Double unders with Scout rope
Deadlifts 255/175#
Burpees onto a plate
Rest(everyone should crush this station)

3 athletes will be working simultaneously. 1 athletes will always be on rest. Athletes can switch positions as often as they would like.

Each movement is scored separately.

Team Final:    CArdiolynastics

Sponsored by Riot athletics

For time

Pair 1
Run 800m
30 CJ 205 or 135
15 MU

Pair 2
Run 800m
30 snatches 145 or 95
15 mu

Team run 800m

Movement Standards

Assault Bike involves athletes pedaling like a beast until they hit the required calorie number. 

Dumbbell Hang Clean Thrusters begin with the dumbbells in the hang position. The athlete can get the dumbbells to the shoulders by any means and followed by a standard thruster in which the dumbbells move from the bottom of the front squat into a full lockout overhead.  The athlete must pass through a full squat with hips below their knees.  At the top of the moment, the athlete’s hips, knees, and elbows must be fully extended, the dumbbells directly over the feet, and in control. The athlete may do a full squat clean into the thruster if the dumbbells are on the ground.

Rope climbs will be 15'. The rep starts with the athlete on the ground.  The athlete must touch the cross beam supporting the rope to complete the rep.  

Sandbag over yolk is performed by a single athlete picking up the sandbag from the ground and getting it over the yolk by any means necessary.

Strict Press involves an athlete pressing a bar from the shoulders to overhead without any bending of the knees or hips and achieving a full lockout overhead. 

Row calories are counted on the rower computer.  The athlete must reset the clock to zero before starting the event. 

The deadlift is the standard deadlift with the athlete’s hands outside of their knees.  The barbell will start on the floor and lifted until the athletes hips and knees reach full extension.  The shoulders will be behind the bar at the top of the lift and the athlete’s arms must be straight.  The athlete may touch and go but cannot bounce the barbell. 

Double Unders may be done with any rope as long as it is a Scout rope from RPM Training. The rope must pass twice under the feet of the athlete on a single jump.

Row calories are counted on the Concept 2 rowing machine.  The athlete must reset the computer to zero before starting the event.

Burpees to a plate will require the athlete to touch their chest to the ground and then hop onto a plate. The rep is complete when both feet are on the plate and the hips and knees are fully extended. The athlete does not have to raise their arms and they certainly don't have to clap but clapping and hand raising is strongly encouraged and in the event of a tie the athlete with the most style will prevail.