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2019 online TEAM qualifier

Teams hoping to compete in the Rx, or Intermediate team division at The Cascade Classic must compete in the Online Qualifier. Members of the four-person teams will complete all six qualifier workouts as individuals, but their scores will be combined to get their team score for each event. There are no requirements for teams to train at the same gym, or complete the workouts at the same time.

Athletes register as a team and compete as a together to the end



Register for the 2019 Online Qualifier by clicking on the button.



The workouts will be announced here starting on June 19.



Submit scores for that week’s workouts before 5:00pm PST on Monday.

When signing up for a team event, you should already know your team name, PLUS who's on your team (each participant’s Full Name, Email, and Apparel Size.)*

*There will be accomodations in the event an substitute is needed. The general rule of thumb is you get one free substitution. One athlete can be subbed once without it being a whole big deal. Beyond that we will handle it on a case by case basis depending on individual circumstances.